Hydrogen Deficient Stars 2018

I’m in Armagh, Northern Ireland at the Armagh Observatory and Planetarium for Hydrogen Deficient Stars 2018. I’m giving a talk entitled Double White Dwarf Mergers and the Formation of R CrB Stars.

MESA Summer School 2018

I’m in Santa Barbara, CA at the MESA Summer School. I’m lecturing on how to use MESA’s run_star_extras.f functionality.

Conference Photo

21st European Workshop on White Dwarfs

I’m in Austin, TX at the University of Texas for the 21st European Workshop on White Dwarfs. I’m giving a talk entitled The Evolution of Accreting Oxygen-Neon White Dwarfs and presenting a poster entitled Pre-Cataclysmic Variables: Their Past, Future, and Minimum Orbital Period.

Conference Photo

The 21st Century H-R Diagram: The Power of Precision Photometry

I’m in Baltimore, MD at the Space Telescope Science Institute for the 2018 Spring Symposium.

Conference Photo

APS April Meeting

I’m in Columbus, OH at the 2018 APS April Meeting. As one of the finalists for the Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award in Astrophysics, I’m giving a talk entitled The Long-Term Outcomes of Double White Dwarf Mergers.